About the LCHF diet

The low carb/high fat diet is not new around. It’s not, as most think, the latest trend in the diet world. Its story starts with our ancestors, although they didn’t have a name for it back then. It was simply their way of life and what maintained them healthy and lean. Many thousands of years after, in the 20th century, it became obvious that returning to our roots would make us healthy again. Unfortunately, not for many of us, since adapting to a LCHF diet does not produce money for the food companies, therefore most doctors do not promote it.

Basically, the keto diet recommends eating real foods: meats, eggs, poultry, cheese, butter, vegetables, nuts and berries. No grains, no refined sugar or vicious substitutes, such as agave syrup or fructose. No fresh juices, since they are literally sugar bombs.  Only real food! Think you can handle it?

I started eating LCHF two years ago, after reading tons of studies, a bit frightened. It was clearly it will not be a simple diet, but a whole new way of life and for a person who never had a single day of dieting in her entire existence it was a little scary. Looking in the mirror and seeing the flabby belly or the huge love handles was a kick to step up. Two years later, I am so aware of the benefits of keto that I am on my way on becoming a nutritionist. Although I don’t know how the discussions with my professors might turn…

I realized that only us, as individuals, can do something in order to make this way of life the rule, and not the exception. No food company will ever tempt you to have some steak with broccoli, if they are not processed and placed in a can, right? You won’t see commercials for eggs. Or bacon, for that matter!

The proofs that the LCHF diet works are overwhelming. The pictures below, of me and other fellow dieters, as well as touching testimonials of people who got rid of their diabetes treatments only by adapting to this way of eating are living proof that real food not only doesn’t make you fat, but helps you lose weight and get rid of different medical problems.

Me - ripped abs as we speak
Me – ripped abs as we speak
Jodie - She's not over yet!
Jodie – She’s not over yet!

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