Criski.com is a community of LCHF enthusiasts that share with the world their experience with this wonderful lifestyle. Here, you will find the best advices regarding the keto diet, a sum of tested recipes, most of them our own, and lots of cookies. Carb-free, of course.

In January 2013, a handful of studies and more than 20 extra kilos determined me to change my eating habits. I had never tried another diet until then, since I was scared of the yo-yo effect. Too many of my friends kept 7 days/4 days/dissociated/detox diets and gained the lost weight back, and I wasn’t in the need for that. What I needed was a drastic change, to last forever and to make me feel healthy and thin.

I can’t even remember feeling sick at the beginning, it’s this wonderful the way I am feeling with my new lifestyle. I am sure I craved for bread, since I used to eat a lot of it, but I evolved so much that now, I buy yogurts in a bread shop and not even look onto their shelves. French fries? Had not had a bit of them in the last six months and I don’t even miss them.

It might seem hard letting behind all those treat: the fries, the bread, the sweets and the pasta. But don’t forget, you will also leave behind you a lot of extra weight, your usually fatigue and the agitated sleep.