The best way to lose weight and look great

November 9, 2014

I wasn’t aware of my weight for a long period of time. Had no problem in stopping in fast food restaurants or eating pastries between meals, for several years. And then, suddenly, I met a new me, almost two years ago. A totally new girl, willing to be healthy and fit. I started to read about the good stuff for my body and I started to avoid the bad stuff. Today, 20 kilos and two years later, I declare myself deeply in love with low carb food and gym.

Talking about not being aware, I had no problem in wearing skinny jeans (ughh!!) on my 72 kilos fat ass. Such an ugly habit, I now wonder why retailers make them in big sizes. Should be illegal, I tell you that.

Regardless of the past, I enjoyed every minute of the journey to my new self and I want to share that with others. I want to inspire other people, just like I did with many of my friends, through my stories and my beautiful and simple recipes. They will keep you warm and fuzzy, I promise!

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