Eggs are healthy!

January 5, 2015

If there is anything a nutritionist is good at, that’s talking bad about certain healthy and natural foods, just because it’s a custom to do so, from one generation to another. Perhaps the most eloquent example is the humble egg. Coincidental, the egg contains a lot of cholesterol, but cholesterol in your food does not raise the one in your blood. The bad combination of foods does. The same principle is applied in keto: fat in your meals (cheese, meat, butter, eggs) does not store as fat underneath your skin. Simple deduction, eggs are healthy! But let’s not believe me:

In fact, eggs raise the good cholesterol and are not associated, according to the latest studies, to increased risks for coronary diseases. Further more, you do have an easy access to the article about my latest blood tests.

Thus, although people is still afraid and limits the quantity of eggs to two or less pieces per week, the egg is in fact one of the most nutritious foods on Earth. Sorry to say, but your grandma, as sweet as she might be, was not right about them: eggs are rich in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins) and antioxidants that protect and improve your sight.

Besides, although the egg is a fatty product (the yolk, that is) and people generally thinks that fatty food fattens you, replacing cereals with eggs for breakfast will help you lose some weight pretty fast. As a matter of fact, eating eggs associated with cheese or other animal products, as well as with veggies, is the basis of a healthy diet which will lead to a perfectly shaped body.

Sincerely yours,

Cristina, who lost two pounds in the last 24 hours by fasting with eggs. :)

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