Hair loss on a low carb diet

April 15, 2015

Hair loss is, in a popular belief, a sign that something is wrong with us. Many horrific diseases have this side effect, and, unconscious, we start panicking when we realize our hair falls at a greater rate. Hair loss is normal and natural, at some point. Hair has a life cycle and regenerates itself, mostly in the intermediary seasons (spring and autumn). So maybe many of you, keto people, did not notice your braids are becoming thinner.

When a person makes big changes in his or her diet, in this case ditching the carbohydrates, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. The same thing happens when you lose a great amount of weight. Thus, you can feel your hair thinning or even shedding. But there’s no need to panic! As soon as you will achieve your desired weight and become stable, your hair will start regenerating.

The explanation is quite simple, actually: It’s not the weight loss itself, but the minerals, the hormones and vitamins you lose when you eliminate the water and the fat storage under your skin. And given the fact that keto is a really efficient diet when it comes to become thinner, unpleasant things like this happen.

In order to stop your hair loss (and you losing your mind about this), you can supplement with vitamins and minerals, after a simple blood test which will reveal what are your organism’s lacks. Good luck and stay skinny!


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