Keto pastry

It happens way to often to most of us to pass by pastry shops and feel the awesome smell, yet not being able to taste them, due to the high […]

2015-01-31 20.26.38

LCHF schnitzel

I love schnitzels as much as everybody. What’s not to love on a piece of chicken with a crunchy crust? The flour, of course. But when you want to, you […]


Low carb quiche

I love french doughs. Maybe because they are made with so much butter, which I also love, dunno. The crumbly texture, combined with a creamy filling, what else could you […]


Low carb donuts

Just like all dishes at some point, these cuties became low carb donuts by mistake. They were supposed to be savory biscuits, and I made them with the same ingredients […]

2014-12-03 21.34.01

Chicken liver pate

There are certain foods we can’t stand as kids, yet we deeply fall in love with them as adults. Maybe it’s their strong taste, the texture or even the color, […]