Keto Food in Barcelona

March 19, 2015

Although we leave the country at least once a year, for vacations, I’ve never come home so nostalgic as I did yesterday, when I embarked home from the beautiful Barcelona. It’s the first time I am willing to leave my country in order to start fresh (or continue fresh) in another country.

Besides the beauty of the city, the picturesque architecture and the fresh smell of the sea water, Barcelona is a total go when it comes to your keto diet. You may have to worry in France, even in Italy, but not here! Mouth-watering hams hang in the windows of the market sellers, while huge stashes of strong cheese attract you with their appearance. Until this week, I was a big fan of Italian cheeses. Well, sorry, Italy, Spanish people seem to know what to do pretty well.

Being a port, seafood is a star in most of the restaurants. How keto is this? Sorry, just a silly rhetorical question. In all menus, you will have to avoid just one simple category: the paellas. Or maybe try them in your cheating day, but who needs that with such a plethora of goodies around?

Usually, people buy souvenirs from vacations. Fridge magnets, themed cups, maybe some sweets. Well, I came home with salchichons, ham, cheese and keto chocolate. Yes, you read that one well! Every single shop, as humble as it was, carried low carb chocolate. Sweetened with stevia, eritritol or maltitol (I avoided this one, makes my tummy ache), enriched with chilli or almonds… to die for!

For the first time, I came back from vacations with the same weight, even though I did pinched a carb or two every now and then. And also for the first time, I came back with the thought that I would be able to live in another country, even though until last week, I rejected this idea all the time.

Yours truly, deeply in love with Barcelona.


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