Keto Holiday recipes

January 3, 2015

Culinary customs are different in each country on holidays, but most of them are like heaven on earth for keto dieters. I too consider myself lucky, since with some (optional) exceptions, my country promotes as Christmas treats mostly meat, fatty dishes, easy to transform in keto holiday recipes. Yum!

After almost two weeks of eating everything like a barbarian, from pork sausages to delicious steaks, topped with low carb beouf salad and super flavored veggies, cooked in different ways, I’ve only gained two pounds, and the reason is not near in the above made list, but in my sweet tooth and the lack of gym hours.

And if Christmas was all about sausages, spiced salami and meat roll, filled with cheese and mushrooms, the New Year’s was a little bit couture, if I may say so: salmon, French and Italian cheeses, fish mousse with capere (love those sneaky little things) and the traditional grapes.

Thus, I will return to the gym next week with no shame and no regrets. Won’t try to ridiculously fit my yoga pants, because they continue to be slightly easy on my waist (can’t blame mother nature here, even when I had 20 extra kilos my waist looked decent). And I most certainly will finish the chocolate Santa brought me from over the seas. Sorry, guys, you simply don’t say no to such an offer. :)

Have a blessed new year and may your kilos melt away!

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  1. has anyone else nctioed that even though low-carb diets (i.e. eating good carbs in fruits and veggies, etc.) are what really show results, the bottom of the´╗┐ food pyramid is all carbs (i.e. 6-11 servings PER DAY of it)? that’s why i don’t listen to mainstream sources anymore.

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