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Keto mini pizza

February 1, 2015

Movies and TV, in general, require junk food. Either pizza, chips, popcorn or nachos, a movie is not a movie without at least one of them. We already have a low carb recipe for the nachos, but you can never have too many keto recipes for the so called junk food.
When everybody around you eats pastry hot dogs, you have to do something about it, then rub it in their faces. Ha! So I created this delicious keto mini pizza recipe, to match my favorite TV shows.


3 large tbsp almond flour
3 eggs
oregano, thyme, pepper
hard cheese, chopped in tiny pieces
2 smoked hot dogs
2 spicy sausages
SF ketchup

Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks, then add the yolks and fold them gently. Add the almond flour and also fold it with care. You don’t want to let the air bubbles out! Add the spices, then start creating the mini-pizzas: in a silicone muffin pan, pour one spoon of batter in each form, then put bits of cheese and sausages in each of them. Leave them in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, depending on their size. Serve them hot or cold, with SF ketchup.


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