Keto recipes. The way from regular to low carb

February 9, 2015

After all this time cooking and eating LCHF, I can stand in front of anybody and advocate this phrase: Absolutely any regular food you like can be transformed into keto recipes. I proved this with the celery French fries.

I gathered in this post a sum of advices for all low carb adepts out there, which will allow them to transform their favorite dishes into keto recipes, by decreasing the number of carbs, while maintaining the taste.

  • The rice usually used in stuffed cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers can be replaced by a shredded zucchini, mixed with the minced meat.
  • If you used to use a shredded potato (or even a boiled and mashed one) in your meatball blend, to make them fluffier, you can use from now on some grated mozzarella.
  • Instead of your regular milk, you can lighten your coffee or tea with some whipping cream. Whipped or not :)
  • You can make tons of keto desserts by replacing the regular flour with almond flour, coconut flour, sesame flour and so on. On the same note, for a keto diet, replacing the milk in dessert recipes with sour cream or whipping cream is ideal
  • When making soups, instead of some pasta or potatoes, you can use a zucchini, cut into medium chunks
  • If you miss the regular pasta, you can make your favorite dish (carbonara, arrabiata and so on) using Shirataki noodles
  • Mashed potatoes can be replaces with a cauliflower puree, in which you can add some parmesan, sour cream and an egg yolk.
  • The potatoes on the Greek mousaka can be replaced by zucchini or eggplant slices.
  • The crust for your favorite pizza can be made with sesame flour, hemp seeds flour or veggies. Sure thing, you can try a mozzarella dough. It’s magical.
  • The killing sugar can be replaced by tons of keto friendly sweeteners: tagatose, stevia (I personally don’t like it), Truvia, Splenda, Erithritol.
  • In order to meet your ideal fat intake, fry your eggs and veggies in butter instead of sunflower oil.
  • If you crave for some grilled chicken, don’t go for the breast. It’s lean and it has lots of protein. Instead, cook the legs.

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