Low carb carbonara

January 17, 2015

I never understood before how a whole people eating pasta every single day had way too day little obesity problems. Of course, after a few trips to Italy, as well as after a bunch of read studies about body adaptation to specific diets, I realized that the quantity they use every day is very… gourmet rather than all you can eat style.

I used to cook pasta in the pre-keto era, since they were simple to make, yet delicious and fulfilling (especially if you boil a whole pack of Barilla for a family of two…). After starting the low carb high fat diet, I simply had to avoid them, since I had no idea about the Taisin noodles. Well, this came to an end a year ago, when I realized they are all over the place, but I had no idea. Since that moment, the low carb carbonara recipe makes its way in my kitchen pretty often.


  • 250 grams Shirataki noodles
  • 200 ml heavy cream
  • 100 grams pancetta or bacon
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 100 grams parmesan
  • salt and pepper

In a medium pan, fry the ham until it changes color. In a bowl, mix the cream with the two yolks and a spoon of parmesan, then pour the mix into the pan, over the fried bacon. Stir continuously, until the sauce thickens, add some salt and pepper, then add the Shirataki noodles, after rinsing them well in cold water. Let the mixture over the heat for a couple of minutes, then serve with parmesan and freshly grounded pepper. Yum!

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