Low Carb cheeseburger

February 21, 2015

This is not really a recipe, but more of an idea. An idea of how to replace the bread buns with something more than the humble lettuce leaf. Thus, after cooking these amazing keto bread slices, I simply had to put a couple of hamburgers on the grill.

Another piece of advice is to choose the best version for your health and make the hamburgers at home, since the store bought ones can have hidden carbs and you won’t know what hit you. Some beef with a decent percentage of fat (20 percent my choice), salt and pepper is all you need to make some delicious and suculent low carb hamburgers. The rest is up to you: cheddar cheese, pickles, a bit of SF ketchup.

Although I had my share of keto bread premixes, bought from different stores, the way this parmesan recipe blends its flavor with the hamburger is simply perfect. I would definitely eat this even if outside of keto, it’s this good!

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  1. what size of pan do I need to make the keto bread slices? Looks great by the way

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