The Low Carb Diet

November 9, 2014

The Low Carb Diet – Eat fats to burn fats!

When I first read the above phrase, I was confused. I always thought that we are what we eat, ergo eating fat would get you fat. But it is perhaps the most revealing think I’ve ever got to learn. Of course, that is just the base, there are several other rules to obey. The most beautiful part of this diet is that you will always feel full, when finishing your meal and most important, you will always feel happy, because you will realize that diet food can be tasty as hell. This is what kept me on my path, since I am and always be a food-minded.

We were always been told, starting with the food pyramid, that we need sugars and carbs to function, but if you have a minimum knowledge about keto, you already know it’s not at all like that. After all, we do not consume grains from the beginning of the humanity, right? Although our bodies are adapted to transform and use carbs as energy, we also have the capacity of transforming our own fat in ketones, in order to get energy. Thus, when our energy source is represented by ketones, our metabolism does an incredible thing: it transforms our subcutaneous fat into energy. Cellulite? Not anymore. Love handles? Also gone!

Since any amazing result comes after hard work, I will tell you from the beginning it will be difficult. One or two weeks, maybe a month, your whole attention will have to be on the things you put in your mouth. You will have to read labels, search through the bottom of the Internet where there is no label, weighing every gram of food just to be sure you won’t be eating too much carbs. After this first week or month, I promise you you will know all of them by heart. After two years¬† on a low carb diet, I can tell you just by looking at a product how much sugar it contains.

And if you resemble me and are a food-minded, always dreaming at delicious courses, no worries. There are keto versions of almost anything and I am here to present them to you, step by step and topped with lots of butter :).  Pancakes, bread (the real deal, I promise!), pizza, calzone, lasagna, chocolate cakes, they all have a keto version and I guarantee they are tasty. Not edible, but tasty!I

Of course, another golden rule is drinking water. Lots of them, not only the recommended two liters per day. You will need to filter the unused ketones and eliminate them, and besides, water helps almost all your organs to function. Equally important, water makes you feel full when drinked, so anytime you feel like eating some junk food, have a glass of water. It will save you days of dieting. :)

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