Low carb donuts

January 8, 2015

Just like all dishes at some point, these cuties became low carb donuts by mistake. They were supposed to be savory biscuits, and I made them with the same ingredients as before, with one difference: this time, the lack of time made me melt the butter in a pan, instead of letting it get to the room temperature.

Of course, I will explain the magic later, for now you can have the ingredient list:

4 eggs
100 grams butter
100 grams almond flour
onion springs
1 tsp baking powder
bacon (optional)

As I was telling you, when I first aligned my ingredients on the table, I realized that if I were to throw with the butter after someone, I would for sure provoke some damage. Therefore, I melted the butter in a pan, it had to work, since my best classic muffin recipe has melted butter in it. Not only did it work, but this procedure transformed my biscuits into fluffy donuts, just like the ones you use on eclairs. Of course, mine were salty and full of flavor.

The story: I lightly beat three (yes, just 3) eggs, I added the almond flour and the baking powder and I mixed for half a minute. I poured the melted butter and I folded it with a silicone spatula. But then, I felt that the batter needed to be a bit more runny, so I added another egg and mixed it well. Cold egg into a warm mixture equals fluffiness in the oven! I then added the chopped onion springs and the bacon, a bit of saltĀ  and with a spoon, I started to pour circles of batter onto a cooking sheet, set in a tray.

I left them in the oven until the edges became light brown. They grew a lot and became fluffy. You can eat them as such or use them as “toast” for cheese creams, butter, fish eggs and other finger food idea you crave. Enjoy one of biggest prides and let me know your opinion!

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