Low Carb spinach pie

January 8, 2015

I love kneading since I was a kid and my grandma was baking for us bread and pies. I always had my little spot in her antique wood kneading trough where I used to create different animal shaped “cookies”. After a long period on keto, I was only kneading doughs on my cheating days, but boy, those days are over!

Ever since I discovered the keto mozzarella dough, I kept improving it in order to adapt to different classic recipes. I even baked rum flavored crescent rolls, but they are the subject of yet another yummy post.

For the low carb spinach pie, I followed the recipe on the calzone dough, except I added one egg and one extra tablespoon of coconut flour. I used a rolling pin to thin it, then I placed it in a round cake mould, keeping the edges high. I cut the excess dough, then started to prepare the filling: 1/2 kilo of parboiled spinach, well drained, 5 eggs, 200 grams goat cheese. I specifically mentioned the type of goat because it is soft, yet full of taste and will make a great contrast with the bland spinach. I mixed them well, then poured the mixture in the mould, onto the dough. From the remaining mozzarella dough, I made some slices to “grill” my pie.

I put the pie into the oven, at minimum heat, for about an hour. Why not medium, one might ask? Well, the mozzarella dough cooks pretty quickly, and you will need time to have the spinach mix well set.

You can enjoy this beautiful and simple pie with a glass of Greek yogurt or a cup of tea, either warm or cold.

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